General terms and conditions of WIN WIN GROUP Ltd. / Hereinafter referred to as the Agency/ are based on the Labour Act regulations, referring in particular to: the employee’s salary, employee’s rights and obligations, User’s rights and obligations, safety at work, the Agency fee, employment and termination of employment, and final conditions.



The employee can start working for the User, who becomes an employer of the employee, after the Agency has given the employee a REFERRAL containing all the information in accordancewith the Labour Act Article 46 paragraph 2.



Employee’s salary is calculated based on the actual effective working hours and will be calculated and paid by the 10th /tenth/ day of the month for the previous month.

Working on holidays and Sundays, night work and overtime will be charged in accordance with the Labour Act regulations.

The User is obliged to keep a record of the employee’s presence at work electronically or in paper form and submit it to the Agency no later than three days after the last day of the month or after the Agreement’s expiry date. Failure to do so will result in the Agency completing the record of the employee’s presence according to records kept by the employee, or the Agency itself, after the deadline has expired.

The Agency calculates and issues an invoice to the User for each individual employee for the previous accounting period, which can be calculated on monthly, weekly or daily basis.

The User is obliged to pay the invoice no later than by the 10th/tenth/ day of the month for the previous month. In the case of delay, the Agency calculates legal interest.

The User agrees to pay the costs of salary plus benefits and taxes on and from wages:
–    During the temporary disability /illness/ of the employee, as regulated by the terms and conditions of the User’s company,
–    During the employee’s use of vacation,
–    During the paid leave that the employee has, based on terms and conditions of the User’s company.



The User as an employer will inform the employee about hazards of their jobs, introduce themto the technology of their jobs, with safety and fire protection standards, and is obliged to train workers in safety at work and fire protection.



The Agency fee is determined by the Worker Assignment Agreement.



Should the circumstances stipulated by the Article 107 (2) of the Labour Act arise, the User must notify the Agency immediately.
Should the circumstances stipulated in the first clause of the Article arise, the User must provide the Agency with a written explanation at the earliest opportunity and no later than within 8 /eight/ days, and has the right to dismiss the worker.
The damages that the worker causes to a third party at the workplace or in relation to the work for the User will be compensated by the User, who is considered to be an employer, according to regressive responsibility of the worker.
In the case of any damage caused to the worker at the workplace or in relation to his work for the User, the User shall be obliged to indemnify the worker in accordance with the general provisions of the law of civil obligations.
The Agency is not held responsible for the damages caused by the worker at the workplace or in relation to the work for the User.



The Agency will:
–    Sign the contract of assignment of temporary workers with the employee,
–    Give the referral to the employee before the beginning of work for the User,
–    Apply the employee for pension and health insurance and cancel it based on the expiry of the Agreement with the User,
–    Dismiss the employee in case the User has no more need for their work.



The Worker Assignment Agreement can be terminated before the expiry of the contractual period. The termination must be submitted in written form.

The Agency has the right to terminate the Worker Assignment Agreement, where the termination must be delivered to the User in written form to the seat registered in the court registry, under following circumstances:

–    When the User does not act according to the terms stipulated by the Agreement and by General Terms and Conditions,
–    When the User does not pay the bills issued by the Agency after the written warning, after an additional deadline of 3 /three/ days.


Based on the Certificate issued by the Ministry of Labour and Pension System (Class: 102-02/15-04/02. REG. No.: 524-04-02-01/2-15-2), the Agency is registered under the number 91/15.

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